Harry Potter Q&A with Aanya!

Greetings, Potterheads! Today’s post is a collab with fellow Potterhead, Aanya from Soaring Firebolt! She has a blog completely dedicated to Harry Potter. I would definitely recommend visiting it, it’s a world of bliss for all Potterheads! Check out her post here!

The questions she asked (and my answers):

1.Which house do you belong to?
Gryffindor!!( Get sorted here➡ The Wizarding World)

2.When did you first read Harry Potter?
I watched the movies when I was a kid but I actually got around to reading the books when I was 12 or 13.

3.What Are Your In-Depth And Controversial Thoughts On Severus Snape?
Professor Snape is my favourite character from the whole series. He’s the perfect example of a person who experienced the consequences of devoting his life for evil purposes and lived the rest of his life carrying inexplicable guilt and regret in his heart. I respect him for his loyalty to Dumbledore and for (grudgingly) keeping up his obligation to Harry. In Snape, we see a man hardened by his own choices and trying to live a life of penance to atone for his faults. I don’t think I have any controversial thoughts on him.

4.Who in your opinion is more evil; Voldemort Or Dolores Umbridge?
Voldemort, definitely. Umbridge was evil, no doubt about that. She used every means at her disposal to show herself in a more superior light. Her aim was to make people assume she was a pure blood and a very important and powerful witch. She didn’t care what happened to anyone as long as her wishes were fulfilled and this makes her bad. Her hatred for the so called half-breeds is also revolting.
But when it comes to Voldemort, we see an unnatural love for immortality. We’re talking about a creature that is unable to love or to feel love. Something that ripped his soul into seven pieces committing multiple deliberate murders to prolong his own life. A wizard who was power hungry and was willing to murder an infant to ensure his reign. Atleast, Umbridge loved cats.

5.Which death in the series is the most heartbreaking?
This is a tough question. I miss a lot of characters. But if I must choose, I’ll go with Fred Weasley. It hurts every time I re-read the books, knowing he’s going to die.

6.What Quidditch position would you play?
I would want to be a Keeper but I think I’d play Seeker.

7.What wizarding career would you pursue?
I would most definitely want to be a Magizoologist, like Newt Scamander!

8.Which animagus form will you want to take?
I’d probably want to be an eagle.

9.Your Harry Potter pet?
A snowy owl, like the one Harry has. But I wouldn’t say no to a phoenix, either (once I’m out of Hogwarts)!

10.Which book and movie in the series is your favorite?
My favourite book is Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix. Apart from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, I didn’t like any other movie.

11.Was Dumbledore a hero or a villain in your opinion?
Neither. He was closer to the hero end of the spectrum but he wasn’t one.

12.Who is the real hero and Chosen One of the story: Harry Potter Or Neville Longbottom (for you)?
Harry Potter because he’s the one who ultimately vanquished Voldemort himself. But Neville was pretty similar to Harry as is mentioned in the books.

13.Did you watch or read The Fantastic Beasts? If yes, then do tell me your favorite magical creature.
I’ve watched and read The Fantastic Beasts. My favourite creature would be a Bowtruckle. They’re so fascinating and adorable!

14.What form does your patronus take?
I took the test on The Wizarding World, and my patronus takes the form of a Basset Hound which is cool, because I love dogs!

15.If you were to go to Hogwarts then who would be your best friend?
Luna Lovegood! I feel like we’re similar in quite a few ways and I’d love to get caught up in a conversation with her!

So, that was all for this post! It felt amazing to answer such fun questions from a fellow Potterhead! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this little Q&A!

Feel free to answer any of the above questions in the comments down below or if you’d like to do a bookish collab! And don’t forget to check out her post too!


20 thoughts on “Harry Potter Q&A with Aanya!

  1. Woo hoo, it’s great to know even more of your thoughts on Harry Potter! Snape is such a fascinating character — the man in the cloak, lol — and having a phoenix would be awesome!

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