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Kindness {Guest Post by Maggie}

It requires little
To make a friend,
To take a loved one
By the hand.

Doing our part
Is what we do best,
By example
We lead the rest.

Make others feel
Loved and included,
Not alone, afraid,
And secluded.

Community is
An important thing,
Allowing others
To fly and take wing.

Trust the importance
Of being kind,
A helping hand
Can change one’s mind.

The image Maggie picked out for this poem!

Maggie is a 20 year old girl who loves to blog, read, sing, and write. She enjoys being creative, inspiring people, and having a good time. She lives in the state of Georgia with her parents and four little siblings.


Any time I look at the news, I am deeply saddened by how millions of people in the world feel and are treated. My first response to becoming aware of this widespread issue is to feel helpless – I certainly can’t reach out to and comfort every single individual that’s hurting. What I CAN do though (which all of us can do!) is extend kindness and love to the people I do meet. I hope that my poem inspires you to do your part and motivate those witnessing your kindness to do theirs!

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Maggie @ Chicadee Lover Maggie for sending in this lovely poem! Kindness is indeed something that can brighten up one’s day. A kind deed can often make a huge difference in the lives of both who practice and experience it. I found this poem wonderfully penned, especially considering the rhyme scheme. It came across as a truly inspirational poem to do the right thing. Please check out her blog; her content is so creative and she has a great sense of humour!


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