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Travel in the Mind {Guest Post by Raven}

I travel in my mind
Far away
A journey for the blind
Lost astray
People and crowds
And the smell of rain
The fog mists and shrouds
Monuments and lanes
People and culture and life
Unbeknownst to me
Beauty and peace and strife
Somewhere to be
My eyes close to see the world I don’t know
They open to see the world where I grow
I can visit without moving, see without traveling
But I cannot encounter, cannot enjoy with reveling
So I dream of a land to travel to
A place to see all of you.

The image Raven picked out for this poem!


I’m a high school senior dreaming of love and exploration. When I’m not in school or working, I spend time writing stories and random nonsense and sharing them with the world. I don’t know much about life, but I do know the power of words and the complexity of the individual. 


I wanted to convey through this poem how words can provide a method of traveling unlike any other. Stories and poems allow the reader to see new worlds and places merely through the words the writer uses. Even if we cannot travel physically, the mind is capable of taking us to beautiful far away places.

I am so grateful to Raven @ Raven’s Blog and Journal and Stories by Raven (her second blog solely dedicated to her stories!) for sending in this remarkable poem. I absolutely loved the theme, and as writers/readers, I feel this comes across as very relatable. It is indeed amazing what a few words can do! I also thought that the word choice was brilliant. Check out her blogs, her content is just as amazing as this poem here!


15 thoughts on “Travel in the Mind {Guest Post by Raven}

    1. we have the same name!! whaaaaat?!
      (except mine’s a penname. i’m not sure if your’s is real or not… xD!)
      LOVE this poem.

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