hello! // end of the hiatus & what’s going to change

hello friends!

Gosh, it’s been way over a year and I’m excited that I’m finally back into blogging!

Since you probably don’t recognise this blog since it’s been dormant for like a year (sorry!) or maybe because I’ve gone by like 2 pen names (heh), I thought I’d start with an introduction!

Hi! My name is Deepthy but people usually call me D, which is also what I prefer since it’s shorter and easier! But if you’ve been around here for a while, you might have known me by Introverted Thoughts or Bookish Thinker or paperhearts775.

And I have another blog also my first blog – a creative writing blog titled Random Specific Thoughts. So, I’m 18 (graduated high school just this month!) and my hobbies are reading, writing and drawing. When I’m not doing any of those, I’ll probably be working on school stuff or trying to learn something new.

With that done with, I’d like to address this blog and its future. I began Paper Hearts in 2020 as a present to myself for graduating middle school haha! But I wanted to write and rave about books and poems and anything and everything literary. But then high school got busier and I was forced to take a break. I intended Paper Hearts to be a regular book blog initially, where I reviewed poems and books. And over the course of it, I realised that I was more into writing long articles that were more analytical than opinionated.

I didn’t just want to review books, I wanted to break them down into more than just words, if that makes sense. I wanted to share my opinion on the story from a reader’s perspective but I also wanted to survey the entirety of it from a writer’s view too – something I realised I was holding back on.

So the first change to this blog is the elimination of The Bookish Thinker profile. As much as I cherish that name, I’m happy and confident with my name and would like to stay as Deepthy aka D on both Random Specific Thoughts and Paper Hearts.

Secondly, this is going to be more of a literary blog than a book blog. I’d still be open to doing tags and bookish features but I want my posts to be more educational and analytical than purely opinionated but with a hint of reviewing too!

While I’ve been on hiatus, I’ve still been writing on Random Specific Thoughts for the most part (I had to take a hiatus early this year but I’m back now!) and I’ve also been working on a portfolio, albeit for academic purposes. It’s led me to realise that I’d also like to share my thoughts on the more educational things I read – textbooks, articles, papers etc. I intend to pursue a career in Science and nothing helps better than reading and I believe having a blog to write freely also serves as an incentive to stay productive.

Apart from these, I’m also looking into expanding my categories to involve more literary op-eds like thinking about certain authors’ writing styles, common themes and patterns and the like. I’ve followed several authors’ works for years now and I’d like to do some learning of my own and write articles on subjects like that. These are all of course, long term plans so I’m not making any promises. But I’d like to get back into it all the same.

I’ve been so busy with school that I feel so drained of actual art, haha! Like all I’ve been reading are textbooks or school stuff and it’s been rather exhausting. I love learning but I haven’t done as much reading as I’d like to have and it’s just draining to have nothing but school run through your mind haha!

As for a posting schedule, I’m thinking of weekly posts, every Wednesday. And I’ll probably start with a couple of tags or book reviews/analyses and see where it goes from there.

And I guess that was all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through all that!

Let me know what you guys have been up to lately! Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments if we’ve never met before!

Thoughtfully yours,

Previously on Random Specific Thoughts (my creative writing blog):

11 thoughts on “hello! // end of the hiatus & what’s going to change

  1. ahh my face lit up when i saw which blog this post was from!! 😍❤️ huge congrats on graduating high school d, and i can’t WAIT to see all the epic content you’ll share on your blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you, Maggie! I hope it’s epic 😂 But I’m definitely looking forward to getting into ‘book’ blogging, I’ve missed it so badly!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!❤️


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