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Let’s Talk Bookish | Book Meme

Hello friends! Hope everyone’s August is going great so far! I seriously can’t get my head around the fact it’s 2022 and August. Anyhow, this week’s topic, All about Ebooks was suggested by Fives @ Down the Rabbit Hole and I’ll be answering all the given prompts.

Before I do, here’s a little overview of Let’s Talk Bookish!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly bookish meme that was created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where bloggers get to "discuss topics, share their opinions and spread the love by visiting each other's posts. It has been hosted by Aria @ Book Nook Bits since April 2022! Click here to visit the topic archives.

Are ebooks the future of books?

Hmm, I hope they’re not. Not that I don’t like e-books, but I feel like the beauty of books resides in their ability to be physically present. I do judge books on how they’re written and their plot and the like, but every so often, I just like holding my favourite book and thinking about life. I can’t imagine doing that using a phone or a tablet, haha!

credit: Pinterest

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ebooks?

Oh, they’ve got lots of advantages! They’re really handy, for one. You can access them from anywhere and you can carry them around everywhere you go. They are less expensive. You can have how many ever you want and not worry about space to keep them. You can share them with friends and not worry about never getting it back, haha!

For disadvantages – they’re not physically present. And then there’s the possibility of it running out of battery to haunt you while you read.

credit: Pinterest

Are ebooks strictly better than physical books?

Not in my opinion, no. Are they more convenient? Yes. But better? Not to me. They have their advantages as I mentioned but I still prefer physical books over ebooks. I like holding the book, feeling the pages, looking at whatever art is in it, maybe staying on the same page for a while, writing down occasional notes and feeling the pencil on the page and the like. While I can do it all on an ebook, albeit not exactly but I digress – it feels out of sorts to me.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t read ebooks either. I think about 90% of the books I read last year were ebooks, haha! I love books in any form but if given a choice, I’d choose physical books any day!

But I think I’d prefer ebooks over physical books when school textbooks are concerned, haha! The number of books we have today for one day at school is insane and absolutely exhausting to lug around. Ebooks would be great to ease that literal burden.

credit: Pinterest

Do all avid readers prefer real, paper books?

Absolutely not! I think that’s a very rigid generalisation. I’m sure there are many readers who prefer ebooks over physical books.

Do you use an e-reader, or read on a phone/tablet?

I usually read books on my phone. It gets tiring after a while, because I don’t do well with long periods of staring at screens but like Sheldon says, sometimes I just need answers, haha!

Do you ever find yourself missing one or the other?

Definitely, haha! I always prefer physical books and wish I had an actual copy in my hands while reading an ebook but then again, I prefer ebooks when it comes to textbooks.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what kind of books you prefer! I’d choose physical books all the time, haha!

Please feel free to join in on this meme!

Thoughtfully yours,

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Book Meme

  1. The memes are so on point! I agree, physical books will always hit different. I’ve been reading digitally for a while due to convenience, but really nothing can compare to that feeling of holding the book and flipping through the pages madly (plus for some reason, my eyes feel refreshed after?? lol)

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