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Hello friends! Welcome back to Paper Hearts!

I’ll be answering this week’s prompt questions given by the host herself, Aria @Book Nook Bits! These are very relevant to every blogger and I look forward to sharing my take on them!

Before I get started, here’s a little overview of Let’s Talk Bookish!

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly bookish meme that was created by Rukky @ Eternity Books where bloggers get to "discuss topics, share their opinions and spread the love by visiting each other's posts. It has been hosted by Aria @ Book Nook Bits since April 2022! Click here to visit the topic archives.

August 26: Balancing blogging and life (Aria @ Book Nook Bits)

How do you manage to balance blogging and life?

As I post just once a week on my main blog and randomly here, I don’t find it too difficult. But when life gets in the way or I have exams, I either rely heavily on scheduled posts or I go on a hiatus.

In what ways do school and work get in the way of blogging?

I think it’s mainly about priorities. Most of the time, I just feel too guilty blogging when I have work to do and that causes both my blog and my work, whatever it is to suffer. So I usually stay off of blog stuff, except for reading and commenting on others’ posts and leave Sundays solely for my blog and pending work. It’s been working fine but of course, there are days when everything’s a mess, haha!

Are there any ways that blogging can help with everyday life?

Oh absolutely! I love coming on WordPress after an exhausting day and just reading posts from around the world, finding new forms of writing, books or music to look into and generally just chatting with other bloggers. I find my log to be a lovely creative outlet that gives me a safe space to be myself. I think it’s helped me tremendously by helping me learn how to interact better with people, network with other writers and make friends. I’ve made some of my best friends via blogging and I’m ever so grateful for that.

Are there certain times of the year when blogging becomes harder or more overwhelming?

Haha, Inktober and Blogmas for sure! I didn’t do Inktober last year because I couldn’t find time to draw daily and I settled for a weekly Blogmas too the past two years. I wouldn’t say overwhelming but it certainly feels stressful to get up the posts on time and ensure the increased frequency doesn’t cause a dip in quality. I think scheduling ahead is the best way to ease such periods.

Thoughtfully yours,

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish | Book Meme

  1. I love blogging! I wish I could just blog full-time…lol. But I’m definitely going to try to cram as much as I can in without stressing myself out. It seems like you balance blogging with life pretty well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! Ooh I’m not sure how I’d do with full-time blogging but I think it’ll work for you perfectly! Ahh same! What with college about to begin, it’s getting stressful.
      Aw thanks! I’ve yet to see someone who does it as well as you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading this, D! I’m so thankful blogging has helped me meet all of my blog friends 😍💕 I enjoy connecting with you guys and seeing what you all create!
    Boy it really is hard to balance blogging and the holidays 🤣 and I just realized while reading your post that I’ve struggled with Blogmas every year because I put SO MUCH WORK 👏👏 into my fall content that I got instantly burnt out and couldn’t think of a thing for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 😆 Maybe I’ll try something new this year, so I can enjoy posting Oct-Dec instead of getting burned out!
    Thanks for sharing this post! This really helped me figure out my holiday blog plans! 🥳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you, Maggie!
      Gosh, I’m dreading Inktober even though I love it 😂 Aww as much as I hate the idea of you being burnt out, your fall content is ✨iconic✨!
      My pleasure, Maggie! ❣️


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