Blog Buttons!

Seriously, what 21st century teen doesn’t know how to use a blog button?Okay, so after a few experiments, some of which went hideously wrong (don’t even get me started), I managed to get these newfangled thingies blog buttons up. A huge thank you to Catie from Catie Blogs for her help!

So, now I can finally swap buttons with you all! Just a little clarification, my blog name is ‘Introverted Thoughts. And I have two different blogs:
Random Specific Thoughts for articles and poems and all sorts of random stuff. This is my primary site and I go by the name Introverted Thoughts here.
Paper Hearts for anything and everything related to books! This is my secondary site and my name here is Bookish Thinker. Sorry if all that seemed so confusing!
You can either have just one or both buttons, whatever you like!!

Here are yours! Just click on any one to be teleported to their worlds!!

Catie’s blog:

Eleanor’s blog:

Jul’s blog:

Raven’s blog:

Sara’s blog:

Evin’s blogs:

Shanessa’a blog:

Indie’s blog:

Lrose’s blogs:

Aanya’s blogs:

Diamond’s blogs:

Mary’s blog:

Cari’s blog:

Arwa’s blog:


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