Bookish Art

Drawing/sketching is one of my favourite hobbies and bookish characters are my favourite to sketch after cartoon characters. I’ll only feature bookish *ahem* artworks here. Do let me know what you think! You can check out my main art page on my writing blog by clicking the button below!

The Mad Hatter (portrayed by Johnny Depp in the movies) from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The above was something of an experiment as I had never drawn anything with a pen or even attempted anything similar to a portrait before. I think he turned out way less disastrous than I expected him to but I may have gone a little crazy with his hair. I used two reference images for this; both were from Pinterest.

The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland! I loved how he turned out! I struggled a bit with the chain part but I loved how the rest turned out! I used a 2B pencil for the initial outline, then worked on it with 4B, 6B and 8B.

I know, he’s not exactly a character from a book. But I learned my first rhymes from a book and Humpty Dumpty has always been one of my favourite characters. If you’ve read my post on Nursery Rhymes, you know I have a weird obsession with them. This took hardly an hour to draw, I used an HB pencil for the outline, 4B for the shading and 6B for all the dark parts. I think the eyebrows could have been better though. Used an image from Pinterest for reference.

Harry Potter

Some doodle art! I apologise for the horrible lighting, I’m a terrible photographer. I’m a huge Potterhead (Gryffindor) and I’ve been wanting to do some Harry Potter art for a while. This is one of my favourite quotes and I love how the quote turned out. Hogwarts was supposed to look all magical and dreamy but I went overboard with the black tones, so now it looks all dark and forbidding. I copied it off an image on Pinterest. I reviewed the entire series excluding the eight book. You can check it out here!


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