Welcome to Paper Hearts!

I am delighted to introduce you all to Paper Hearts, my second site that is solely dedicated to books! I will mainly post book reviews but anything and everything bookish can be expected to be seen here! And yes, I am a huge fan of poetry as well! Now onto what this blog is for and about it’s name.

Why Paper Hearts?

Reading has always been my foremost hobby since the age of 7 or so and continues to grow daily. There are certain books that I grew up with and they have undoubtedly played a role in my growth, as both an individual and a child. Here I have portrayed books as a person’s heart. Obviously, we can’t live without a heart. Similarly, there are some of us who need books to survive. The old school paperbacks and hardcovers; mind you, not those high tech e-books. Hence, the name Paper Hearts.

Lost in Realms‘ simply implies, that books offer so many different worlds to immerse ourselves in. I am indefinitely lost in all these realms and I am loving every second of it!

What this blog is for:

I don’t really have a definite answer to this question. I love books and I want to help in spreading this love. I hope to write reviews and several miscellaneous features and wish to be the cause for at least one person’s new found love towards books. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? But what doesn’t? Life is a huge drama and we are all merely puppets, living a monotonous life, a paradoxic existence, because we are not experiencing life in its truest sense.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

― Oscar Wilde, The Soul of Man Under Socialism

Oh dear! Seems like I’m veering off course…again. My train of thought (and speech, if there is one) has a proclivity for derailment every now and then.

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That is about all I wanted to mention. I am really excited to do more here! Please check out my ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages too! I’d love it if you could leave some feedback/suggestions to make this site more interactive.

I look forward to reading and sharing more with you!! Happy Reading!!