About me

Deepthy is a typical introvert who enjoys reading, writing and learning for fun. She knows she can’t draw but does it all the same for its cathartic benefits. She’s also a fan of indie and pop music and can almost always be found working with it playing in the background.

Her identity is defined by her keen love for Science, art, and religion and her firm belief they’re all connected. She likes attending conferences and talks she barely understands, visiting museums and taking online courses because completion feels nice.

For someone who enjoys learning, she can be incredibly stupid and might seem like she’s from a different century altogether due to her stunning lack of common sense and might ask you “Why isn’t the moon blue cheese?”

She feels rather deeply at times but she isn’t easily insulted or discouraged. She enjoys researching random topics and if you asked her who her best friend was, she’d say “Willy” and have a chuckle at the fact you thought he was a human. She has a dark sense of humour and often pretends to get jokes whenever she hears them but refrains from making her own.

She can be indecisive when it comes to settling on favourites but her favourite books have always included the Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings series and the Sherlock Holmes series.


14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Your blog looks amazing! I feel so at-home with this kind of aesthetic. Just a quick question, but who are your favorite LotR characters, ranked from one to five? Tolkien is a favorite of mine.


    1. Aw thank you! So happy to hear that! AHH ALWAYS GREAT TO MEET A FELLOW FAN!
      Oof that’s tough – let’s see, I think 1) would be Bilbo, haha! 2) would be Fili/Kili 3)Sam 4)Lady Galadriel (so elegant!) and this may sound weird but I think Gollum would be 5) haha! What about you?


  2. Hi there! Are you 1) a Francesca Battestelli fan and 2) an ISFP?
    Because, Francesca Battistelli has a song called My Paper Heart!!! 🙂 (and its awesome) and also I’d love to meet an ISFP! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! I wouldn’t call myself a fan but I love certain songs. Ooh, that’s cool! But I’m not an ISFP, I’m an INTJ.
      Wow, really? I got to listen to that! Aw haha! I’m sorry I wasn’t the ISFP, but I’m sure you’ll meet many around here!
      Thanks so much for the visit and comment! Pleasure meeting you!


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