One Shine {Guest Post by Evin}

As I was gazing at the sky,I saw a star shine. The brightest shine.I imagined it was me, I hope I would shine like that starOne day; but even brighter, as I would proveI’m a smart worker. The image Evin picked out! (BY THE POET!) I’m Evin, just a normal tween who does rollerskating and speaks… Continue reading One Shine {Guest Post by Evin}

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Travel in the Mind {Guest Post by Raven}

I travel in my mindFar awayA journey for the blindLost astrayPeople and crowdsAnd the smell of rainThe fog mists and shroudsMonuments and lanesPeople and culture and lifeUnbeknownst to meBeauty and peace and strifeSomewhere to beMy eyes close to see the world I don’t knowThey open to see the world where I growI can visit without… Continue reading Travel in the Mind {Guest Post by Raven}

Blog series · Poetry

Kindness {Guest Post by Maggie}

It requires littleTo make a friend,To take a loved oneBy the hand.Doing our partIs what we do best,By exampleWe lead the rest.Make others feelLoved and included,Not alone, afraid,And secluded.Community isAn important thing,Allowing othersTo fly and take wing.Trust the importanceOf being kind,A helping handCan change one’s mind. The image Maggie picked out for this poem! Maggie… Continue reading Kindness {Guest Post by Maggie}